I love the concept of this brand-new iPhone app slash social network. Primarily because it’s so darn simple. You pick something, such as food, a movie, an album, whatever, and you stamp it. Your stamp is your way of approving and/or recommending that thing.

What’s fun is that you start off with just 100 stamps. You can only earn more via the interactions of your friends and followers. If someone else stamps something that you have previously stamped and they give you the credit then you earn a stamp. You also earn more stamps when people “like” what you’ve stamped.

What I also like about this app is that if you come across something new that your friend has stamped, you can add it as a “to-do”. Maybe its a book you want to read or a restaurant you want to check out next time your in San Francisco.

And resting on top of the overall philosophy of the network is a drop-dead-gorgeous design. I have yet to find a pixel in this app that doesn’t look like it was placed there on purpose.

I have a feeling Stamped is going to be very fun.