Jawbone’s contribution to the “personal health tracking device” market is now officially on sale. I have had my eye on the UP ever since it was announced months and months ago.

On last week’s episode of The B&B Podcast, Ben and I talked about the UP and the Fitbit (which I have heard amazing things about). Personally, I like the idea of having a device that helps me track and evaluate my activity throughout the day and my sleep patters at night.

It’s the whole idea that hindsight is 20/20. To me, that means the more I can learn about myself the better I can improve my lifestyle. For someone who sits at a desk for hours a day, that sort of thing is even more important.

A friend of mine has an extra WakeMate they are sending me. The WakeMate only does sleep monitoring, but that is what I am most interested in. If the data the WakeMate provides me proves to be helpful then I will most likely get an UP or a Fitbit and because of the wider range of information they track.

UP by Jawbone