Nearly all the Kindle Fire reviews I read on the larger tech sites were relatively negative. Garrick, however, is an actual customer who got his Fire not as a review unit but as a device which he intends to use. And he likes it a lot.

I’m not saying that Pogue and Mossberg and Phillips were wrong about the Fire — it’s possible that I would have reviewed the device with the same sentiment they did — but it’s great to see how a real customer actually feels about this gadget. Garrick’s opinion is just as valid and important as the pundit’s (if not more valid since he actually paid for his Kindle Fire).

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the forthcoming reviews from the Regular Joes who paid for their Kindle Fire with their own money and didn’t get it until yesterday.

(Via Patrick Rhone.)

Garrick Van Buren’s First Impressions of the Kindle Fire