Dan Frommer:

But the reality is that the mobile browser is the future of the web. So anyone who is using Flash today for anything should start working on a plan to eventually stop using it.

This is another reason the ending of Flash is good for the future of the Web experience. Here’s an example: Say you go to a campaign page on Kickstarter from your iPad. The Kickstarter website knows you’re on an iPad and so the campaign video is served up in HTML5. However, say you’re on your Flashless MacBook Air and you go to that Kickstarter campaign page. When you go to watch the video, you instead get an error message prompting you to install Flash.

As I mentioned earlier this morning, I had this same experience with the HP TouchPad. If I disabled Flash, websites wouldn’t serve me HTML5 video, but instead would tell me that I need Flash.

Here’s hoping that the change Adobe is making will have an effect beyond the mobile browser and onto the desktop browser. (Which would be ironic because one of they’re stated goals for ditching mobile Flash is so they can improve Flash on the PC.)

A Sans-Flash Web Future