A valid list for sure — I’ve done all but three (which is embarrassing to admit in public) — but I am wary about just how native the person who wrote this list is. I mean, how does skiing Colorado not make it into the top 10?

Here’s my list of what to do in Colorado before you die:

  1. Snowboard in Blue Sky Basin
  2. Drive west-bound I-70 past the Eisenhower during a blizzard
  3. Spend a weekend in Glenwood Springs
  4. Go to a Bronco’s game
  5. Attend a concert at Red Rocks
  6. Visit Mesa Verde
  7. Have an Americano from Crowfoot Valley Coffee Company
  8. Go camping anywhere along the Front Range or Rockies
  9. Visit Pikes Peak
  10. Watch a sunset over the Rocky Mountains
Top 10 Things to Do in Colorado Before You Die