Starting November 1, RSS sponsorships on will be handled through The Syndicate.

The Syndicate is the first RSS sponsorship network I know of, and I am honored to be a part of its starting lineup. The network has some incredible and influential sites with a very healthy readership: Khoi Vinh, Marco Arment, Horace Dediu, Ben Brooks, Stephen Hackett, Kyle Baxter, Marcelo Somers, and myself.

Booking a sponsorship on The Syndicate gets your product, service, or company promoted across all the sites in the network.

The Syndicate network’s readership is creative, influential, entrepreneurial, and nerdy. We reach an audience of over 92,000 daily RSS subscribers and more than 1,300,000 monthly web page views.

We’ve just launched today and already 2011 is sold out save one slot.

Indroducing The Syndicate RSS Sponsorship Network