A great article by Paul Miller looking at Siri and its pros and cons as we know them so far.

Miller raises a question I have as well, and that is regarding text input for Siri. From the looks of it, Siri will only accept voice input. For the times when you cannot or do not want to speak out loud to your iPhone, it would be much easier to type in “Remind me to call my mom when I leave work” than it would be to go to the Reminders app, create a new reminder, and then edit that reminder, select a location and choose for it to remind you when you leave.

And so, I hope this closing statement from Miller is not something we find ourselves revisiting in a few weeks:

For AI to be more than a gimmick, it has to be treated like more than a gimmick. Until it’s vital and essential to an entire device experience, it’s only going to be a cool party trick.

Why Siri Just Might Work