There are 4 apps that far and away get the most usage on my iPad: OmniFocus, Simplenote, Reeder, and Instapaper. And Instapaper is my favorite and most-used of them all.

Today, Instapaper got a major update — version 4.0 — and this update is just stellar. I have been using the Instapaper betas for the past few months, and every update and change found in this new version is a welcomed one. The new icon is great, and I am a huge fan of the new grid layout for the home pages, as well as the new design and look of the sidebar.

Moreover, there are some great new additions to functionality: better social browsing and search to name a few. In short, the overall design of Instapaper has matured significantly, and the new features are welcomed ones. What a great update.

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