My thanks to CardFlick for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.

CardFlick is a free iPhone app and Web app that you use to create and share digital business cards.

To get started, you can download the free iPhone app and create an account. Your account means you get your own CardFlick URL, and it’s what the service uses to keep your contact info up to date.

Once you’ve signed up for a CardFlick account you can then create your own business card within the app. There are 15 different designs and honestly I think they are pretty classy and unique. Though I have an affinity for more minimal business card designs, I went with the “Stripes” theme. Something about the colors I guess.

After you’ve decided on the design you like, you go to the app’s settings and edit your personal information. From there you can take or add a picture of yourself, and fill in any other information you want your business card to have. Such as your job title, company, email, phone number, web address, and even a personal tag line. Save that and your CardFlick card updates with all of your info. Moreover, this info is updated on your CardFlick URL, so you can publicize that if you want.

CardFlick’s primary intent is for the sharing of contact info. The way it works is that when you and someone you meet both have the app, you launch it while you’re in the same area (CardFlick uses location data to determine when other users are close by), and you just flick your card to the other people’s app. It doesn’t have to be one person at a time either, you can flick your card to multiple other devices.

Whenever you update your contact info within CardFlick then your info is also updated to everyone else who has your CardFlick card.

When I was at WWDC this summer, everyone had business cards with them (including me). I passed out and received quite a few cards, but when I got home after the trip not too many of them made it into digital format. (Sorry WWDC pals — it’s not you, it’s me.) An app like CardFlick could be useful at WWDC because: (a) everyone had an iPhone; (b) the contact info is put into digital format for me; and © if/when someone I met at WWDC were to change their email, company, or website then that info is updated for me automatically within CardFlick.

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