Ben Brooks:

What I have found is that those one-off reminders that belong to no project and therefore are simple “reminders” fit pretty well in the Reminders app. 2 So instead of looking at Reminders as a competitor to OmniFocus, instead I look at it as a completely different app that complements OmniFocus.

Ben’s workflow is almost identical to how I am using these two apps. I’ve been using the Reminders app via Siri primarily for any time-sensitive or location-sensitive reminders. What I don’t use the Reminders app for is task management; and I am almost certain that I wouldn’t be using the Reminders app at all if it weren’t for Siri.

When non-4S owners ask me about Siri and if it’s really that cool, my answer is always: Yes. What makes Siri so useful (and not just a gimmick) isn’t so much its scope. Rather it’s how Siri makes the few tasks it can do incredibly simple to do. There is no easier way to remind myself to swing by the bank when I leave the house than to use Siri.

Siri, Reminders and OmniFocus