For the past several weeks I have been holding on to the overages from the original print run to make sure everyone who pre-ordered got what they wanted and that no shirts were lost in the mail or accidentally showed up the wrong size.

And so, there are a few shirts available again in just about every size and they’re shipping immediately. If you didn’t get one earlier, now’s your chance.

A Few “Computers are for Creating” T-Shirts Up for Sale Again

Ben Brooks:

What I have found is that those one-off reminders that belong to no project and therefore are simple “reminders” fit pretty well in the Reminders app. 2 So instead of looking at Reminders as a competitor to OmniFocus, instead I look at it as a completely different app that complements OmniFocus.

Ben’s workflow is almost identical to how I am using these two apps. I’ve been using the Reminders app via Siri primarily for any time-sensitive or location-sensitive reminders. What I don’t use the Reminders app for is task management; and I am almost certain that I wouldn’t be using the Reminders app at all if it weren’t for Siri.

When non-4S owners ask me about Siri and if it’s really that cool, my answer is always: Yes. What makes Siri so useful (and not just a gimmick) isn’t so much its scope. Rather it’s how Siri makes the few tasks it can do incredibly simple to do. There is no easier way to remind myself to swing by the bank when I leave the house than to use Siri.

Siri, Reminders and OmniFocus

Speaking of defining the things you’re not going to do, Michael Hyatt wrote about the importance of having a not-to-do list. It’s the same premise as David Sparks’ aforelinked No Journal.

When I was the director of marketing for the International House of Prayer, I kept a mental No Journal / Not-To-Do List. And, over time, my assistant and a few of my direct reports whom I worked with the closest learned what my own priorities for the things I would not spend my time on were, as well as the things our office simply could not afford to take on.

However, since I began working for myself over six months ago, I’ve found that keeping a No Journal / Not-To-Do List populated is significantly more difficult. The reason, I think, is that now all of my incoming tasks and priorities are self-initiated. They are my own ideas and goals and dreams. Assessing and prioritizing those is much more difficult because I’m already biased to do all of them thanks to the very nature of their origin.

The Not-To-Do List

Naomi Zeichner interviewing Kevin Systrom, one of the founders of Instagram:

How did you develop the idea of the Instagram filter? It started off as a mobile check-in app that let you post pictures and videos. People ended up liking the photo posting more than the checking in, so we built in camera functionalities and made the focus photos, not check-ins.

One question Zeichner didn’t ask: how does Instagram plan to start making money?

Instagram Started as a Location Check-In Service

My pal, Josh Farmer, pitches a bold idea: what if Typekit were to buy Comic Sans for the sole purpose of taking it off the market?

Typekit has allowed typographical beauty on the web in a way unimagined before. They accomplish this by giving. They give their service, their code, an exhaustive set of tools, helpful descriptions, a repository of well designed sites, and tips to move you into font mojo territory.

But what if giving is only half of what Typekit could do to remake the web? What if they did something never attempted in the font world?

“Taking Away Ugliness”

About half-a-dozen Lumia walkthrough videos by Nokia showing browsing and searching the Web, driving and maps, music, contacts, etc. Other than the Windows Phone logo that appears at the end of each video, there’s no mention of the Lumia running Windows Phone. The only mention of Microsoft software at all is in the “Office and Mail” video, where they say: “This phone is the only phone with Microsoft Office mobile built in.”

If you didn’t know better, you’d think the Lumia was the only phone that had this operating system.

Lumia Walkthrough Videos