Many thanks to WhereCloud for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.

WhereCloud is an iOS app design and development studio. You can hire them to help you build an app, and they would love to work with you. They “breathe, sleep, eat and drink mobile technology, business strategy, product design and user experience.”

Their portfolio is very impressive and diverse. The apps they have designed and developed are attractive, clever, and usable. These guys are in it for the art and the passion of what they do.

Over the years I have received many questions from friends, co-workers, and readers who have an idea or a need for an iOS app they want to build but don’t know where to get started. For some it’s an app they want to build and sell on the App Store. For others, there’s a custom-app that they would love to put on an iPhone or iPad and implement at their place of work. (Even Apple is doing that now.)

If you’ve got an idea for an app, WhereCloud is a great place to start.

One of WhereCloud’s mottos is that every app starts with a question. And to prove it, their phone lines and email inboxes are open, and you can talk with them at no charge. In confidence you can contact WhereCloud to discuss your goals and ideas, hear their feedback, and then from there it’s your decision if you want to work with them.

WhereCloud [Sponsor]