What to do With 245,000 TouchPads

Earlier this week we learned that Best Buy is sitting on 245,000 unsold TouchPads. Today, HP announced that it will be discontinuing the TouchPad.

And so what in the world is Best Buy going to do with all those unsold TouchPads? If HP doesn’t take them back, here are a few suggestions for Best Buy:

  • Printer promotion: buy an ink jet printer, get a free TouchPad.

  • Give TouchPads away as an incentive for anyone who purchases an extended warranty for a new home appliance.

  • Christmas bonuses to Best Buy employees.

  • New product idea: Full-Size, Touch-Screen Head Units for Car Stereos with Twitter and Facebook Integration!

  • Partner with Radiohead and use the TouchPads as the delivery channel for their next digital-only, pay-what-you-want album.

  • Give away a free TouchPad to all Black Friday shoppers this coming November.

  • Turn the boxes upside down, move them closer to the Apple section of the store, and hope nobody notices.

  • New product idea: Digital Photo Frame with Twitter and Facebook Integration!

  • Attach some TouchPads to the table that has the demo units of the TouchPads and use them as interactive guides for the TouchPad demo units and see if that does anything.

  • Sell the hardware dirt cheap to Whoever Android Tablet Maker of the Month has an upcoming product release.

  • Open up the boxes and sell the USB cables for $25/each.

  • Sell them to gazelle.com for $237/each.

  • New product idea: 16 GB Jump Drive with Twitter and Facebook Integration!

What to do With 245,000 TouchPads