Terminology is a dictionary and thesaurus app on steroids, and I’m thankful to Agile Tortoise for sponsoring the RSS feed this week in order to promote Terminilogy and its Back to School Sale.

It’s an app for iPad or iPhone and is the most feature-rich, thought-through, well-built dictionary and thesaurus app I have used. The iPad app I keep on my Home screen.

I have used other dictionary apps and Terminology is one of the best. Primarily thanks to the information it draws and the way that information is displayed. Once you’ve used Terminology for a little while you’ll instantly realize what a great tool it is — especially for writers.

In fact, this is precisely how Terminology bills itself: “The perfect tool for anyone interested in honing their language. From writers working on the next great novel, to marketers craving the perfect tagline.”

You see, in addition to being shown the definition of the word, you’re also given synonyms, antonyms, and similar suggestions for other words. The raw information found in Terminology is not new, but the way that information is presented is done so in an extremely helpful manner which is a big part of what makes this app so fine.

Moreover, Terminology hooks in with certain apps you may already own, such as Articles, Twitter, and Instapaper. You can add one-tap access to additional online resources such as Google, Wikipedia, and Urban Dictionary. Marco Arment even likes Terminology so much that he added support for it right in to Instapaper. If you have the former installed then the latter will use it when you look up the definition of a word.

Terminology is like a friend who is incredibly well versed in the English language — not just knowing definitions and meanings, but also educated in usage and suggestions as well. Using Terminology is like having that friend’s undivided attention as they help you find just the right word or turn of phrase that you’re looking for.

If you’re going to snag a copy, you should do so soon because Terminology is currently on sale, but only until Sunday.

Terminology for iPad and iPhone