I’ve been selling sponsorships of the RSS feed for almost a year now as one of the primary revenue streams that has enabled me take the site full time. Moreover, the feedback from advertisers has always been positive, and a handful of companies have booked repeat sponsorships.

If you’d like to promote your company, product, or service to an audience of nearly 11,000 daily readers then right now is a great time to book a week-long, exclusive sponsorship.

And here’s some good news: as of last week there is a new format for the sponsorships. The “thank you” post goes up on Monday and is more like a mini-review of the sponsored product. This has quickly proven to be more interesting for readers and more effective for sponsors.

So, in short, readership is up, the format is improved, and the value is higher. Click through for more details and to get in touch.

RSS Feed Sponsorship Openings