My thanks to Marketcircle for sponsoring the RSS feed this week to promote Billings Pro and their new cloud sync.

Billings Pro is a Mac app for anyone and everyone in need of tracking tracking and sending invoices — especially those who work on a team. This app is meant to be used by multiple users. It has a timer for tracking billable hours; you can also keep track of expenses, milage, and more. Moreover, Billings Pro comes with some professionally designed invoice templates.

What puts the icing on the cake is Marketcircle’s new cloud sync for Billings Pro. Basically it means you and your entire team can use the Mac apps and the iPhone apps to keep everyone’s billable hours and expenses logged and accounted for. And for those on your team who may not have a Mac or an iPhone, there is a Web interface.

Billings Pro is professional grade. It’s an attractive app that has won several awards and is still being improved upon. If you work with a team that could use an upgrade in how you manage your time, then you should look into Billings Pro with Marketcirlce Cloud.

It’s free to try for a month (you don’t even need a credit card). And if you’re not sure if Billings Pro is right for you, I suggest you check out some of the testimonials and case studies to see how others are using it.

Billings Pro 1.5 with Marketcircle Cloud