I’ve read many articles and personal stories about standing desks, but this article by Corbett Barr is one of the better ones. Corbett not only shares his personal experience about moving to a standing desk, but he also lists out several resources and other areas of information regarding standing.

I switched to a standing desk two and a half months ago and it’s been a love-hate relationship. I love the extra energy that I feel throughout the day, and I love knowing that it is far healthier for me to stand than to sit for such long periods of time.

But deep down I don’t like standing. For me, I’m giving something up that is most often experienced only when sitting: that feeling you get when you lean far back in your desk chair, take a deep breath, hold your coffee in both hands, and stare up past the computer — simultaneously reveling in the quiet joy of the moment while also thinking your way through whatever conundrum your project has presented you with.

A Great Article About Standing Desks