And speaking of Spotify, it became available in the United States yesterday. I was sent an invite and signed up for a free account.

A few months ago I signed up for Rdio (primarily for the sake of my review the different cloud music services), but Rdio really grew on me. What I like about Rdio is that I can listen to just about any album I want. And I have the premium Rdio membership so that I can sync songs to my iPhone and play them in my car.

Though I have not yet spent much time with Spotify, from what I understand of it so far it has the same underlying features as Rdio. Except that Spotify has three additional features:

  • You can use it for free and suffer ads. But Spotify’s two paid plans (which cost $5 and $10 month) offer the same features as Rdio’s same-priced plans.

  • Spotify adds your local DRM-free songs to your Spotify library. Rdio, though it will scan your local library, it only will add the Rdio-owned tracks to your collection if Rdio has them.

  • Spotify’s native Mac app works without Flash. [Update: Good news: There’s an update to the Rdio native Mac app and it now works without Flash.]

All this to say that my initial impression of Spotify is that I like it very much.