Joseph Cohen:

They reversed the direction of mouse scrolling! Crazy! But really, they needed to. With Lion, Apple is trying to change the user experience metaphor that has governed OS design since the 80s. It was a symbolic move, but one, to me, that ties together the new interaction paradigm — you interact with the content, not the OS.

A few months ago, when I first installed the Developer Preview of Lion, I turned off the reverse (“Natural”) scrolling in about 10 seconds. Once Lion shipped last week a lot of folks kept touting that if you give it a week or two you’ll learn to love it. So I turned the Natural Scrolling back on and committed to give it 2 weeks.

Similar to when I transitioned to a standing desk, the first few days were rough. But I’ve quickly acclimated to the Natural Scrolling. Though there have been a handful of times when I had to stop and think about which way to scroll to move the page the way I wanted to, the truth is I’m now a fan.

Joseph Cohen on Lion’s Natural Scrolling