A huge thanks to Evan Calkins for sponsoring the RSS feed this week to promote his company Hoban Press, and his fine product: Hoban Cards.

When I was going to WWDC I knew I’d be passing out business cards and I wanted something that was top notch. More than that, I wanted the best cards in San Francisco. And thanks to Evan’s handiwork I did have the best cards in town.

Most people don’t pass out many business cards these days. And so when you do, why not hand out something conversation worthy?

If you’ve ever wanted letterpressed calling cards but have been held back by price, then you should check out Hoban Cards. Each calling card is hand printed on a 1902 Chandler and Price letterpress, using 110lb stock. For $75 you get 100 cards with your name and either your email or phone number. That is a great deal for such a fine product.

Hoban Cards