OopsieFocus Script

This happens to me on a semi-regular basis: I hit the hotkey to bring up the OmniFocus Quick Entry Pane but nothing happens.

After waiting a few seconds wondering where it is, I’ll look over at my Dock to see that OmniFocus isn’t even running. I then launch the app, let it load, and hit the quick entry hotkey once again.

I’d rather my computer do the thinking for me in those moments. And so I hacked together this AppleScript.


When launched, the OopsieFocus script will check to see if OmniFocus is running. If OmniFocus is running then the script does nothing and OmniFocus brings up the Quick Entry Pane for you just as it should. If OmniFocus is not running then the script will automatically launch the app and bring up the Quick Entry Pane.

How To Use

Using your global AppleScript invoker of choice (FastScripts, Keyboard Maestro, or Alfred are all fine choices) this script should be set to the same hotkey you use to activate the Quick Entry Pane for you.

Note for Keyboard Maestro users run this script with OmniFocus 2: you’ll need to save the script file to your computer and then execute the script file instead of running an in-line text script within the macro.


OopsieFocus Script