It’s the end of an era. A changing of the guards.

Those of you reading this know as well as anyone that some applications grow on you. You form an emotional bond with the software you use day in and day out. You get to know all its little idiosyncrasies and quirks and features, and as they become familiar then the software, in a way, becomes a friend.

NetNewsWire has as much personality as an application can have.

I know for a fact that would not be what it is today without the influence of both Brent and his world-class Mac app. NetNewsWire was the first application I wrote an in depth review about.

I cut my teeth on NetNewsWire. It was through it that I got a taste for writing that has been a love of mine ever since.

Brent, thank you. Thanks for your hard work and your tireless commitment to excellence. Thanks for being so genuine and fun and for seeding all of that into what so many of us have come to love as NetNewsWire. And congratulations. Here’s to what is next for you, for NetNewsWire, and for all of us.

NetNewsWire Finds a New Home