A huge thanks to the fine folks at Metaclassy for sponsoring the RSS feed this week to promote Byword. It’s an honor to have them sponsor the site because I’ve written about Byword before — it is one of my favorite apps to write in.

As you well know, I do a lot of writing. Fortunately I don’t consider myself too picky about where I write. I don’t need any certain type of app to be able to write. So long as I’ve got a blinking cursor then I’m usually good to go.

But, since I’ve got options then why not make the most of them and use what works best?

I like to write with light text on a dark background. And on many writing occasions I want my writing app to take up the whole screen. While it’s true that more often than not, my computer monitor is a mess with application windows strewn all over the place, that’s not exactly the best context for working on longer-form articles.

All this is why I dig Byword. It has a full-screen mode, a light and dark theme, auto saving, and QuickCursor support. And with the latest release, 1.2, Byword now has Markdown preview support and exporting of that Markdown into HTML.

It’s a great app, I use it, and right now it’s just $9.99 on the Mac App Store.