The “newsstand” price for a single issue of Wired on the iPad is $4. You can now subscribe to Wired on your iPad for either $20/year or $2/month. If you subscribe to the print edition (which is also $20/year) you get the iPad issues for free. I think it’s odd that they are even selling such steeply discounted, one-month subscriptions to Wired considering that it is a monthly magazine.

The “newsstand” price for a single issue of The New Yorker is $5. They also have a monthly subscription for $6/month. But The New Yorker is a weekly periodical, and so a monthly subscription option seems to make more sense.

I read Wired, just not every month. But now I’ll be subscribing on a month-by-month basis.

Issues of Wired Magazine Are Now Half Price on the iPad