A great look at both the good and the bad of Windows Phone 7 — and it’s a lot of good. In fact, if it weren’t WP7’s lack of such fantastic 3rd-party apps, Lukas would easily be sticking with the Windows phone over his iPhone:

Now that I’ve used a WP7 phone for a few weeks, I’m asking myself the same question: should I go back to my iPhone? After looking at the clean, ascetic visual language of WP7 for such a long time, iOS suddenly seems garish, overdone, and kind of ugly. Looking at iOS 4 feels like looking at a screenshot of a pinstriped Mac OS X Cheetah from 2001.

I would love to spend some time with WP7 and really get a feel for how it compares to iOS. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing how many of things Lukas points out that WP7 does better than iOS (such as notifications) get addressed in iOS 5 next week.

Lukas Mathis’ In-Depth Review of Windows Phone 7