Mandy Brown:

And yet, people do read online. They read more than they ever did. They even read long articles, and straight to the end. They read one article after the other. They crave reading in the quiet moments of the day—waiting in line for coffee, riding the bus, enjoying a glass of wine before their date arrives at the bar. They read while walking down the street; they read at their desk in between tasks; they buy devices that permit them to carry more words than they ever could before—and with those devices in hand they read more and more.

Mandy’s whole article is just fantastic. She really sums up many great points regarding writing, reading, and advertising on the web today.

And, as a writer, you would do well to print out the above paragraph from Mandy and frame it on your wall just above your computer screen and read it every time you publish something to the web. There are people who read every word, and there are people who don’t like articles which were made to skim, and there are people who look for in-depth and genuine thoughts rather than insipid bullet points.

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