Let’s just say it like it is: notifications in iOS suck.

There are five things I routinely am getting notifications from: iCal alarms, reminders I set in Due, text messages, DMs from Twitter, Voicemails.

What irks me most about messages are two things:

  • Text messages have to be responded to right away or else marked as read. If I want to ignore the text message so it doesn’t keep buzzing I don’t want it to be marked as read.

  • iCal alarms that go off on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac at the same time. I can think of two ways to fix this: (a) the devices know when they are on the same Wi-Fi network and then just one device displays the alarm; or (b) give me the option to set a default device that is the only one that ever displays the alarm.

Ben Brooks on iOS Notifications