Similar to Daniel’s Toggle Twitter AppleScript that would activate or hide your Twitter Client of Choice, Jesse Gardner’s Toggle Audio script will switch between the various audio output options you may have.

I have two audio output devices: my Internal Speakers and my Yeti Stereo Microphone. I plug my headphones into the Yeti when I’m recording a podcast or talking on Skype, but if I’m listening to music then I’ve just got the Internal Speakers playing. And now, using FastScripts to set a hotkey (CMD+OPT+A), Jesse’s script automates the switching process for me. Lovely.

(Via Chris Bowler.)

Update: Many people are mentioning another shortcut to toggle the audio output: holding the Option key and click on the volume icon in the Menu Bar. I did not know about this shortcut; very cool. However, I’m sticking to the AppleScript because I prefer the least amount of icons in my Menubar as possible.

AppleScript to Toggle Your Mac’s Sound Output