Ideas that Spread, Win

Somewhere, a few years back, I was listening to a live broadcast with Seth Godin. I think it was a radio show targeted towards non-profit organizations, and Seth was giving advice about marketing and spreading ideas.

I took a few notes from what Seth said and just recently came across them in my Yojimbo. Here are the bulletpoints of Seth’s advice from that radio show:

  • Ideas that spread, win.
  • Free ideas spread better than non-free ideas.
  • You monetize it by selling souvenirs.
  • For example, books are souvenirs. But it’s not about selling books. If you’re in the idea business the books will sell themselves.
  • Permission is the only asset. If people ‘complain’ when they don’t hear from you, then it means you’ve got permission.
  • Conversations are marketing. If you can get people to talk about what you’re doing then you win.
  • Words for readers, not readers for words (it’s why The New Yorker and Rolling Stone are so great, and the magazine industry makes 10 times the book industry).
  • Blogs work. It’s the successful nature of dripping ideas into the place where they can spread.
Ideas that Spread, Win