Here are Marco’s speculations on where the MacBook Pro lineup is going. I think he spot on, especially since his guesses are based on the current MacBook Air.

These next three paragraphs I wrote back in October when the new MacBook Airs were introduced. They were part of a larger article I drafted after the press release where Apple introduced the Airs, and demoed Lion and the Mac App Store. I never finished the piece and it wasn’t ever published. But, here’s the bit I wrote about the MacBook Airs and how they are the laptops which lead the way for the whole lineup:

The Air is Apple’s the secret forerunner laptop. Over the past three years it has subtly led the way in many areas of Apple’s laptop design.

When the Air was introduced in 2008 it was the first laptop to sport the unibody design, the black plastic keyboard, and the wider multi-touch trackpad. And it was the first laptop with an SSD drive as an upgradeable option when purchasing on Apple’s website.

Now, it’s the first laptop with flash storage as the only option. My guess is that flash storage will be the default storage option in the entire MacBook Pro lineup by Summer 2011. I think the performance improvements that flash storage brings to an OS are likely a huge factors for an optimal running environment to OS X 10.7.

The Future of the MacBook Pro