My Good First Impressions Based Only by Looking at the Website:

  • I’ve always thought webOS was an elegant and attractive operating system, and the TouchPad looks like a great device.
  • The Touchstone looks like a very slick accessory. It’s a stand for the TouchPad that also charges the tablet wirelessly.
  • The coolest feature, though, is the integration between the TouchPad and the Pre3:

The next generation of Touchstone technology makes HP devices work better together. Easily share a URL with your Pre3 simply by tapping them together. Receive text messages and answer phone calls on your TouchPad so you don’t miss a thing. Start reading a website or blog on a TouchPad and then tap your smartphone to take it to go.

I would love to see this on iOS — better sharing of what you’re working on at that moment. That’s what I love so much about Simplenote, and it’s what the app Handoff is trying to solve.

My Bad First Impressions Which Are Also Only From Looking at the Website:

  • It’s got a plastic back yet it weighs just slightly more than the iPad. The weight is what I like least about my iPad, because that’s what makes it most difficult to hold with one hand.
  • It doesn’t ship until the summer.
The HP TouchPad