Blast from the Past Link Day

Maybe we’ll do this every January. Maybe not. That’s not the point.

Today, I had a fantastic time combing through my “faves”, “tips”, and “inspiration” tags within Yojimbo to dig up a few of good articles I have bookmarked over years. I also perused through my starred items in Instapaper for some golden oldies.

Alas, one of the ways of the Web is that if it isn’t fresh it isn’t worth talking about. But you and I both know that’s not true.

So tomorrow, January 20, 2011, is a day to dig up and share some of the older articles we’ve read over the years that have inspired us, encouraged us, and delighted us.

There are two rules to participating:

  • It wasn’t written today.
  • You think it’s worth reading.

Here is how to participate:

  • Post links to some of your favorite, older articles (even ones written by you) to your website.
  • Let us know about your links on Twitter using the hashtag: #pastblast
  • If you don’t want to post links on your site, just post them on Twitter. Still use the hashtag of course.

You can follow along with what I’m posting here by checking the homepage at the top of every hour starting at 7:00 am CST tomorrow morning — I’ve got 8 links queued up (so far). I’ll also be tweeting the links.

Blast from the Past Link Day