Idea: OmniFocus Aid: A Capture Utility for the Mac

Ian Hines posted an idea to Twitter earlier this week:

Thought: it would be nice to be able to input content on the desktop, without having the full desktop client (OmniFocus). Just Inbox.

The premise of Ian’s idea is two fold. Assuming you already own the iPad and/or iPhone version:

  • Perhaps you can’t afford OmniFocus for the Mac.
  • Perhaps you don’t need OmniFocus for the Mac.

In either of these scenarios, it would be great to have a capture-only utility for the Mac that could sync action items to your iPad / iPhone versions.

OmniFocus Aid would be lightweight, easy to use, and built for the sole purpose of throwing tasks into your OmniFocus database when at your Mac. Or, put another way, it would be a utility that consisted of just the top-notch ways that OmniFocus for Mac currently lets you capture action items:

  • Quick Entry Pane (not unlike the one that already ships with OmniFocus)
  • It knows your projects and contexts
  • Supports clippings, Mail rules, and bookmarklets

It should install in the Menu Bar to be accessible for those who don’t swear by the keyboard, and it should sync in the background. It could sell for a few bucks to anyone who purchases the iPad or iPhone versions.

OmniFocus Aid would would make a fantastic counterpart to the iOS suite of OmniFocus apps. It’s a fantastic idea, and I would love to see it get some attention from the Omni Group.

Update: I’ve received some feedback on Twitter and in email that also having a Windows- or web-based version of OmniFocus Aid would be great for those who are not on their own Mac all day. I use my MacBook Pro for work and personal; in the office and at home. I forget that not everyone rolls that way.

Idea: OmniFocus Aid: A Capture Utility for the Mac