Pulizer Prize winning novelist Michael Chabon reflects about blogging after week of doing it for the Atlantic:

Blogging, I think, is largely about seizing opportunities, about pouncing, about grabbing hold of hours, events, days and nights as they are happening, sizing them up and putting them into play with language, like a juggler catching and working into his flow whatever the audience has in its pockets.

So blogging means you have to be thoughtful, quick, articulate, correct, and relevant, all in real time.

Since I don’t write shawnblanc.net full time I simply don’t have the time to pull all of those elements together simultaneously. I’ve chosen to focus on being thoughtful, articulate, and correct — hoping that what I what is thoughtful enough to make itself relevant. I usually let other sites worry about the real-time pouncing.

(Via DF.)

“Blogging is Largely About Siezing Opportunities”