One hundred great, great one-liners of advice and food for thought from Nicholas Bate. Numbers 15, 52, 59, 65, 67, 89, 91, 95, 96, and 99 all really struck a chord with me.

But especially numbers 13,

Stop wishing. Start selling. Stop imagining. Pick up the phones. Stop playing with pipeline percentages. Ring every account and ask for business.


A High Performance Business Team is not about having gone white water rafting together. Nor a list of ‘core values’. Nor a fancy mission statement on the wall. Although any of these might help. It is about absolute and total loyalty to each other. Never talk negatively about a team colleague who is not present; talk to him or her.

and 97:

You may well eventually be able to spend three days out of five on the golf course, but don’t make that your goal. Most entrepreneurs work hard, think, develop relationships, sell, chase money, innovate, have fun, pitch, drink coffee. And sometimes play golf.

(Via Daniel Jalkut.)

Brilliant At The Basics of Business (PDF)