Jürgen Schweizer’s first post in what he says will be a series of articles regarding Culture Code’s yet-to-be-released cloud sync solution for Things:

Driven by ambitions that were almost too high, it has taken us much longer than we expected. On a path lined with unanticipated obstacles and letdowns, it felt at times as if we would never get there – but we kept believing that we would be able to create a fine solution; a foundation for many cool things to come.

In his blog post, Jürgen doesn’t announce cloud sync but states that it is now just a few months away. The post seems to come as a response to all the chatter from frustrated users, letting them know that cloud syncing in Things has been a long time in the making because building a cloud sync solution is hard.

Cultured Code has been promising a cloud sync solution for quite a while. But lately they have been getting some bad press from frustrated users. And the frustration is understandable. Things is a well-built app, and its large user base has paid a lot of money for the software and has become familiar with it.

But those same folks who use Things also use apps that have learned to sync data over the cloud. Therefore many of those who use Things are at a crossroads: (a) keep using the software despite its pain points; or (b) find something new that answers those pain points.

Choice A is tough because for some people the pain point of over-the-air sync is getting increasingly more painful. But B is tough too, because it means buying and learning new software.

For me? Well, a few months ago I opted for the latter and switched to OmniFocus.

“I Want to Believe”