This new beta email feature is a cool idea, but isn’t working to well for me at the moment. The idea is that if you’re in an iOS app which has email capability but no hooks into OmniFocus then you send an email from that app (filled with the actionable content) to Then you get a reply back with an in-line hotlink to “Send to OmniFocus”. You tap the link and OmniFocus on your iPad/iPhone will launch with a new action item ready to be saved.

Alas, for me, the emails have been coming back with my content surrounded by various bits of unicode gibberish. But that’s not the point. The point is that OmniGroup is putting a lot of energy into their cloud services — especially for OmniFocus — and this is just one more step towards a little dream I’ve had about an ubiquitous, cloud-based bucket.

Send an Email to the OmniFocus Cloud to Add an Action