Frank Chimero:

How is coulda, why is shoulda. How is specifics. Why is motivation.

Though it’s two months old already, this piece by Frank is fantastic and clear and lands on my ears in very good timing. I’m finding that as a leader it’s very hard to always communicate the “why” behind your requests. But when you’re working with clever and talented folks, just bossing them around without any regard for motivating them will lead to friction.

Moreover, I’m finding that when I am personally asked to do something, I need to know the why. Even if I don’t agree with the reasoning, knowing the why helps me support those I’m serving. As a boss, I try hard to communicate the ‘why’ to my team, and when my boss doesn’t communicate it to me I’m learning to simply ask: “Why?”

So: build a team that can define how, give them a leader who can define why, and you, my friend, are dressed for success.

Why vs. How