Many thanks to Paste for sponsorsoring this week’s RSS Feed to promote their sweet suite of productivity and project management web apps. Paste wins the prize for most clever and targeted sponsorship yet. The copy they wrote for their sponsorship post on Monday was incredibly enticing (huge props for referencing the SR-71 Blackbird). And the landing page for their sponsorship has been written just for you guys — the readers.

Paste describes themselves as a small app studio making cool, smart tools to help us work better, simpler, and faster. I describe them as a team of guys who have thought things through and who sweat the details. If you build websites, work with a team, or are on the hunt for a better project management software, then check out their suite of apps.

Jumpchart in particular is a great tool for people who build websites. It’s a web app to help you build, organize, swap, edit, and agree upon the content, design, and information architecture of a new site. Then it’ll export your outline and pages of content to HTML (or even to WordPress).

Paste Interactive