The feedback I received after posting my initial thoughts on OmniFocus yesterday can be summed up in two groups: (a) those welcoming me to the “OmniFocus community” (I had no idea there were so many of you over here. Hi, guys.); and (b) those assuming I’m trying out OmniFocus because Things is so lame now. The latter is simply not true.

In my review of Things almost two years ago, I said:

Each of us has our own way of dealing with responsibility and our own expression of productivity. Tinkering and then switching is usually not the fault of the software. We’re not looking for the best app, but rather the best app for us.

My reason for switching to OmniFocus from Things is not the same as buying a new car because my old car blew a head gasket. Things is still a beautiful piece of software which does everything promised on the tin. But for me, today, some of the features are not enough — that does not imply Things has a blown head gasket.

Regarding Switching