Just like a lot of you guys, the vast majority of my ideas and “oh yeah!” moments for my day come when I’m getting ready in the morning. Especially when in the shower.

For years I’ve let those ideas go down the drain, or I run into my office after getting ready to try and jot down whatever I can remember.

It’s not so much that a truly great idea will actually go down the drain if I don’t have a notepad in my shower, but when an idea does come to me I want a place to capture it. Because doing so encourages the getting of more ideas. (Waste not want not, right?)

And so I finally ordered an AquaNotes waterproof notepad to use for any ideas or to-do items which come to me when showering.

The AquaNotes notepad is made with waterproof paper and is pretty cool. But it’s small (about 3″ x 5″) and non-renewable (you have to keep ordering notepads). But Cameron uses a diving slate. Which sounds much more manly, comes in significantly larger sizes, and will last much longer.

Capturing Ideas When in the Shower