Phil Coffman prefers AutoStitch over Pano for taking panoramic photos with his iPhone. AutoStitch has a few more options than Pano does, and it seems better at rendering the final panoramic photo.

But I wouldn’t agree that AutoStitch is all this as well as being easier to use than Pano. With Pano you just launch it, follow the in-app instructions as you snap each each photo, and then click done. With AutoStitch you’re use the native camera app for snapping the photos, you then launch AutoStitch to select and import your photos, and after the panoramic is rendered you have the option to crop it.

My first attempt at using AutoStitch turned up a horrendous panoramic. But after a few more tries I was able to get the hang of it. And ultimately, it does produce a better end product. So all that to say I think I prefer AutoStitch now, too. Thanks, Phil!