A great review of the iPad by John Rust. And I couldn’t agree with this statement more:

By far, the best reading experience on the iPad has been Instapaper. Having already loved the iPhone app – it greatly increased the amount of online material I read daily – the iPad app seemed to take everything to a whole new level. Reading articles from The Economist, the New Yorker, and The Atlantic in a beautiful, easy-to-read format is nothing short of incredible, and I’ve actively sought more online content to read just so that I can use the application more.

“Welcome to the Future”

I’m in love. ReaddleDocs has it all: access to Dropbox and other file servers; uploading; downloading; emailing; and more. Plus it’s faster than a speeding bullet and is pleasant to use.

I’ve been using the extremely-popular GoodReader for the past two weeks, but its UI is a bit awkward and it has always felt slow to me. The feature set between the two are nearly identical, but ReaddleDocs for iPad feels better. Much better. And that is what makes or breaks a good app.

(Thanks, Derek, for the tip!)

ReaddleDocs for iPad