Over the past few weeks I have piping this site’s RSS feed over to my personal Twitter account. For years I have only ever posted links to my own site on Twitter when they were major posts which I especially thought were worthy of highlighting.

But the tipping point for me to set up automatic re-posting of links and articles to Twitter came for two reasons:

  1. I really appreciate it when cool dudes like Marco or Rands tweet links back to their own articles.

  2. More and more I have been finding interesting news and good reads via Twitter (some days, more so than what’s in my RSS reader). And even though much of the content I’m finding in Twitter is the same as what’s being delivered to my RSS reader, lately I’ve been interacting with Twitter much more than my RSS feeds.

But there were a couple drawbacks to having this site’s RSS feed systematically re-posted to my personal Twitter account.

  1. Some folks don’t care a dime about my nerdy posts, but have great concern about what I eat for lunch.

  2. Some folks are already subscribed to my RSS feed and would prefer to keep it there and nowhere else.

For those who do want to get this site’s posts in Twitter, it is not hard at all for you to follow another account. And the noise level is identical to what it would be if the posts were coming through my personal account.

So really, the only drawback I see is that I have to start over with a new account. But come on… what a pathetic and prideful excuse.

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