Building a New Desk Is So Much More Fun (And Inexpensive) Than Buying One

The opportunity to build a new cave does not come along very often. Next month I’m moving into a new office at work, and so what better time to build a new desk?

Using a miter saw, a power drill, and a measuring tape I’ve spent the past three weekends crafting a 2-piece, 21-square-foot desk.


Joint 2

Joint 3

Freshly Stained

There are two desks, built to sit perpendicular to one another, forming an L-shaped Master Desk. The larger desk is 6-feed wide and 30-inches deep. The smaller is 4-feet wide and 20-inches deep. Put together, they crank out more than 21 total square feet.

The tops are three-quarter-inch-thick pine, and the legs are 4×4 cedar. Each desk stands 28.75 inches tall.

And as I write this, the fifth and final coat of polyurethane is drying in my living room…