Get RSS Suggestions Based on Similarity to Your Current Subscriptions

New ‘big-time beta’ website from Jonathan Christopher which analyzes your OPML file and suggests new feeds for you.

The more OPML files that are uploaded the better the RSS suggestions you’ll receive.

Currently there are 10,664 feeds from 109 users, which averages to 98 feeds per user. I’m actually surprised by that number. I try to keep my feed subscriptions between 60 and 75, but assumed I was a rare breed and that most people had well over 100 feeds in their feed reader.

The suggestions I received based on my OPML were relevant, but unfortunately they were not very helpful. Nearly each “new” feed that SuggestRSS listed for me was for a site I am already familiar with. Yet the reason I’m not subscribed to it now is because I was and have since unsubscribed, or because I don’t like their writing style.