Ads Powered by Fusion

Advertising is a tricky thing.

The Internet has opened wide the possibilities to get a product in front of millions of potential buyers at a fraction of what it used to cost to get that sort of exposure. The problem is that the vast majority of online advertising does not see much return on investment. And there are not many options to get a genuinely great product in front of a relevant group of people.

Secondly, for the weblog author who doesn’t want to clutter their site with several generic advertisements, their options are also slim.

This is why I am proud to join and support a new online advertising network, Fusion Ads.

Fusion Ads displays just one, tasteful advertisement on each page with a small amount of text (as seen in my sidebar). This format not only offers zero competition for the advertiser, it also keeps the design of the site clean; solving two major issues right off the bat.

Moreover, Fusion Ads is able to offer targeted and relevant advertisements because membership to the ad network is by invitation only. This keeps the demographic scope in-line with the advertiser’s target audience and maximizes the relevance of a campaign run on the Fusion Ads network.

If you’re interested in advertising here, and on all other marvelous sites in the Fusion Ads network, visit the Fusion website or just email Michael Mistretta directly.

Ads Powered by Fusion