Michael Mistretta’s iPhone Review

A Macintosh in Your Pocket

Michael Mistretta is from Canada, and waited a year to get an iPhone. His 4,500 word essay on the iPhone 3G is comprehensive to say the least. It’s a blast to see the excitement and awe of an avid Apple fan who is blown away by the sheer “other than-ness” of the iPhone.

Towards the end he makes a point about the possibility of users eventually choosing their iPhone over their PC:

Think about it, the iPhone + the AppStore could be a major paradigm shift in how people look at “computers”. For many people, the iPhone can be the only computer they need. Why do I need a big beige box, or a laptop anymore?

I’m not talking about the geeks. I’m talking about normal people: my mom, a teenager, the cashier at Wal-Mart. How do these people use their computers now? Email. Web browsing. Facebook. A bit of IM. Maybe some Youtube. Music. And a couple games. What if 1 device the size of a deck of cards could do all of that? It fits in your pocket, gets Internet anywhere, and costs $200.

The fact that this topic is even being addressed is a massive accolade to the iPhone.

Michael’s point is that the iPhone could replace the need for a computer, which is true. And I am sure many people will begin to use it much more than their home PC. But I cannot imagine the iPhone ever fully replacing the need for a computer; not even to the non-professional consumer.

Lately I have been asking various friends which they would pick if they had to choose between their iPhone/Blackberry or their laptop: all chose the laptop. I’m in the same boat. Although the iPhone is remarkable, and I can take care of nearly all my core daily needs with it, it still is just an extension of my laptop; not a replacement.

And maybe it’s because I’m old school, but if I was forced to choose between always being reachable on my iPhone (phone calls, SMS, email) or sometimes reachable on my laptop (email, IM) I’d take the latter.

Michael Mistretta’s iPhone Review