Via Thumbs

I always seem to have half-a-dozen ideas for articles floating around in my head. I usally leave them up there until one sparks, and I get a good idea of how to start the article.

The “spark” for my previous article, The Journey, actually came to me about 15 mintues after surgery: Wisdom tooth extraction. I had the dentist put me under, and afterwards — as my wife was driving me home, and while I was still extremely loopy — the spark came. I grabbed my iPhone and thumbed out the idea I had for a weblog article about the feel of an application which later turned into what you read last week.

For fun, I thought I would share verbatim the notes I thumbed out, typos included:

On feel. Its not just about the end result. Its also about the process and experience. Maybe an app does have a few less features than another but if my extra time spent to make up for those missing features is enjoyable then maybe its time well spent and mayebe the other app with with all those features is robbing me instead if helping me.