Briefly on Flow and its Icon

The upcoming contender to Transmit is Flow. I’ve seen the videos and it looks impressive. Mostly though, it seems to be just another interface for the same functions Transmit offers.

One small thing that stands out to me from the demos is the copy to URL function. Say you upload a jpg to your images folder. You can then copy the URL from inside the ftp client, and paste it wherever you like. You can even set Flow to auto-copy to your clipboard for you.

The one thing about Flow that gets me though is the icon. Cameron pointed out Sebastian’s own post about how he designed it.

If the Dock was a voliére (a birdhouse, in good English), the Flow icon would be a paradise bird.

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the icon or not, but reading Sebastian’s post was fascinating to say the least. It’s obvious Sebastian did a great job concepting and developing the icon.

P.S. Anyone know how I can get in on the beta testing for Flow?

Briefly on Flow and its Icon